"I have been a patient of Dr. Goldstein for over 10 years with chronic back problems, during which he provided the absolute best treatment. His knowledge of medicine is almost encyclopedic and his bedside manner is gentle and reassuring. He always goes the extra mile, whether its finding treatment that works or diagnosing symptoms, and he truly cares about his patients. He is one of a few doctors that I would recommend to my family and friends."

- Leon B.          

" I have been seeing Dr. Goldstein for about 10 years now for chronic back and leg pain, and have found him to be patient, competent, and willing to explain things to my satisfaction. Unlike my experiences at other pain management centers at large institutions, he presents a less formal, more approachable office environment that results in confidence in the treatment I receivee. His knowledge and his approach is professional. I recommend him without reservation."

- Doug J.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Asher Goldstein for over 5 years for treatment of severe scoliosis. Dr. Goldstein and his assistant, Beth, have worked wonders. Though the curve in my spine is permanent, Dr. Goldstein and Beth have used many alternative methods of pain management granting me day to day relief. From ordering MRIs, administering trigger point injections and epidurals, to moderating my pain and discomfort through the use of an electric stimulator, anti-inflammatory medications, and the use (and not over use) of pain medications and patches, the Doctors have worked diligently with me to make me comfortable. They have worked directly with me and have given me all the personal time needed. Their staff is friendly. Their offices are conveniently located and clean and their patient care is endless. I would highly recommend Dr. Goldstein and his team!"

- Mary Ann W.

"I first met Dr. Asher Goldstein around 2010 as he treated me while recovering from a knee injury. I quickly admired his knowledge and professionalism. Dr. Goldstein listened to me and had a plan of treatment that was specifically customized by me needs and personality preferences. It was a few years later that I sought him out again as I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back. I have been involved with the Genesis Pain Centers practice consistently over the last couple years, and I think they all do a terrific job. I would be remiss not to mentionDr. Bracha (Beth) Mazin and the rest of the staff. I think they all work together to create a great practice."

- Frank G.

"Dr. Goldstein has helped me manage my neck and back pain for many years so that I am able to continue to continue to do what I love most; my job requires me to be very extremely active all day long and there is no way I would be able to do that without his help. He is extremely knowledgeable and gets to the root of your pain using various methods of treatment as opposed to solely giving you a prescription and sending you on your way like many other doctors. I have has many procedures done by him and his explanation of procedures are east to comprehend, thoroughly explained an he puts you at easy immediately. Dr. Goldstein is very kind and compassionate; he never rushes you out of his office and always makes you feel like at that moment YOU are his top priority and that is so rare these days."

- Susan Y.

"Dr. Goldstein is a dedicated doctor, and a great person who has been a lucky find for me. I am grateful. My longstanding experience with him can be summed up with a big A+ Reason? Compassionate, caring, expert in what he does, all characteristic of a high level professional, exuding honestly, compassion and confidence. He is a gentleman with a highly attentive attitude to the issues at hand...and most of all in my book, at top id the list, he is extremely knowledgeable about medicine and the pain issues for which he has treated me, which has helped me a great deal in my daily life. Dr. Goldstein has demonstrated his alert attitude to my pain concerns all in context with my overall health and well being, from my blood pressure monitoring to pulse, to overall movement including walking and balance. He is always interested how I am feeling and advances meaningful suggestions on how to better my overall health. I am grateful our paths crossed. It has been an extremely satisfying experience for the past five years, ad one which I trust will continue. I would recommend Dr. Goldstein to my family and friends with a high degree of confidence knowing he is a people person dedicated to helping patients and others."

- Simone L.

"I have been a patient of Doctor Goldstein's for over two years. Doctor Goldstein is extremely thorough and attentive in addressing my concerns during my appointments. He is very professional with excellent bedside manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Goldstein as he is always trying to help me get to the root of my pain."

- Jennifer A.

"I think the world of Dr. Goldstein.  He has helped me to live my life unencumbered by the severe back pain which had left me almost home bound for years. If there were more physicians like Dr. Goldstein with his kindness, thoroughness, and focus on finding the best solutions for the particular individual  we would have a much better healthcare system. What could have been basically the end of a normal life for me, has now been transformed into what I consider the best time of my life.  I am truly forever grateful to Dr. Goldstein. He saved me from what almost certainly would have been crippling back surgery."

- A. Capps