Welcome to Genesis Pain Centers!

Genesis Pain Centers, founded in 2006 by Dr. Asher Goldstein, is a private medical practice located in both New York & New Jersey. Genesis Pain Centers focuses on diagnosing, treating, and minimizing pain. Dr. Goldstein and his associates take extra time and care to find the root of the problem that is causing you pain, and always aim to eliminate your symptoms. If this isn't possible, GPC will work with you to find the right - personalized and specific to you - course of action and treatments that will allow you to live your life to the fullest. Dr. Goldstein believes in combining modern and Eastern medicine.

Many of Doctor Goldstein's patients are those who have already had surgery, and are suffering from residual pain. While our bodies need pain, as it is an important signal to our brains that something is wrong, you may have already had the surgery. Therefore, there is no reason for your body to send a red-light signal to your brain... why are you still feeling pain? The answer is complex, and can be different for everyone. Doctor Goldstein specializes in using techniques to stop the pain-signal from your body to your brain.

In other words: YOU feel NO PAIN.